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We want to thank our sponsors below. Do try to patronize these fine people as they are the ones who make this page and pages like this possible. Make sure you search through Amazon's extensive list of model airplane books and other products.

Spark plugs, coils, engine parts, covering materials and more!
Larry Davidson - Old Timer Model Airplane Supplies

Order Rubber Powered Model Airplanes Today! A must have book for any rubber builder and flier!

Here is a set of two new beautifully done reprints on building rubber powered model airplanes originally published in the 1930's and 40's. One reprint is called the "ABC's of Model Airplane Building" first published by the Megow Model Airplane Shop showing many ads of the great kits Megow sold at that time. Also included is a very good history of model aeronautics, and a great explaination on why airplanes fly. Also included is a section on the tricks of carving props, all kinds of great hints on better model building, descriptive terms used in aeronautics as well as plans and instructions on building a simple glider, rubber powered hi-climber, a flying scale airplane (Monocoupe), a non-flying scale airplane (Mr. Mulligan) and plans for 4 other outstanding airplanes. The other book is called "Building Model Airplanes That Fly!". It contains everything you need to know about building flying model airplanes including tools needed, all about props and carving them, and winding and launching. There are 10 great plans and instructions of planes for beginners rubber models. These are books that no real model airplane builder should be without. Order extras for your modeling buddies. These can be ordered from me by sending a check to Scott Cannon, 6 Holly Lane, Covington, La. 70433 or online by clicking below. Price is $20.00 for the set of two books which includes shipping.

Set of Two 1930s & 40s Model Airplane Reprints
Price $24.00


Incidence Meter Use this schematic and information to build your own incidence meter to help get the decalage right on your small rubber models.

Conservative Torque Chart for 1/8" Super Sport Rubber Good basic starting point information on what kind of torque you can safely obtain using super sport 1/8 inch rubber motors made up in various strand sizes.

Old-Timer Engine Electronic Ignition Here's the time proven and tested best working ignition system for your old-timer model airplane engines.

Torque Meters Very good information on torque meters, featuring a torque meter schematic and a calibrating method.

Chemical Compatibility Of Common Finishing Materials Use this information to figure out just which paints and dopes can be used over and under one another.

Weight Comparison Chart Use This Chart To Compare The Weight Differences Between Various Covering Materials.

Prop Charts Use these charts to help select the proper size propeller for your two or four stroke model airplane.

Wing Loading Charts Use these charts to figure wing loadings on your model airplanes quickly and easily.

Earliest Cannon History-The Family Of William Cannon

Memoirs from my grandfather, Mike Shoffner Cannon Sr. recounting the life of his father Taylor Cannon. Very interesting piece for anyone interested in history during the Civil War and family life during that era. Just added info on Mary S. Cannon and life in the early 1900's.

Memoirs from my grandfather, Mike Shoffner Cannon Sr. recounting his recollections of his grandparents Almon and Ellender Powell Cannon.

(New) Memoirs from my father, Mike Shoffner Cannon Jr. recounting his recollections of his grandfathers Zachary Taylor Cannon and J. Edna Reaves.

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